What To Know About Child Support Enforcement

The courts take any issue involving minor children very seriously, and no less so when it comes to the issue of child support enforcement. Laws have been put in place to protect the most innocent of parties when a relationship ends, and the consequences for disobeying those laws can be stringent and strictly enforced. If you and your spouse are divorcing, read on to learn more about how child support orders are enforced. [Read More]

Is An Ex-Fling Claiming Rape Because Of Hurt Feelings? What To Know To Act Fast

If you were casually dating someone that wanted more commitment out of you, and they are trying to claim rape now that the relationship has ended, it's time to get a criminal defense lawyer. If the person has had you served with papers, or if they filed a police report and you had cops at your door, hire a lawyer right away and don't talk with anyone about the relationship. False rape accusations in America are a problem, and you don't want such a shocking crime on your criminal record for a lifetime. [Read More]

3 Legal Steps You May Need To Take After Divorce

If you are a new divorcee, there are several things you may need to do before you can start a new life. Read on to learn 3 common legal steps you may need to take following the finalization of your divorce. Change your name and retitle property If you changed your name when you got married, you may prefer to take back their maiden name after divorce. Should you decide to do this, you should inform your divorce lawyer, like Blumenauer Hackworth, in advance so they can work the process into the divorce proceedings. [Read More]