Is An Ex-Fling Claiming Rape Because Of Hurt Feelings? What To Know To Act Fast

If you were casually dating someone that wanted more commitment out of you, and they are trying to claim rape now that the relationship has ended, it's time to get a criminal defense lawyer. If the person has had you served with papers, or if they filed a police report and you had cops at your door, hire a lawyer right away and don't talk with anyone about the relationship. False rape accusations in America are a problem, and you don't want such a shocking crime on your criminal record for a lifetime. Here are a few things you want to start collecting for your sit down with the lawyer.

Phone Evidence and Internet Posts

Are there flirtatious or sexual text messages in your phone from the person who is claiming they were raped, along with voicemails and texts that show the two of you were doing consensual acts? Did the person send you racy or nude photos, showing that person had willingly put themselves out there and choose to expose their own body to you in this way? These and online postings are great to have. The person may have been smart enough to delete postings that they made about you, but if not you want to print them all off or take screen shots. Any pictures or postings where you are tagged or referenced and that show you two happy or having a good time, are proof that things were happy or consensual. 

Friends and Family Statements

Do you have friends or family members that saw the two of you together or that hung out with the two of you often? If these people are willing to write a letter or meet with a judge to say that you didn't seem forceful in any way, or even that the person was overly eager to be with you, this is crucial. It's even better if you can put some of their  friends or family members on the stand. Anyone who saw the person acting awkwardly or suspiciously after the breakup is also a great witness to have, because they can state the other person was acting out. 

You have to act quickly to make sure that you don't get charge with rape because you weren't willing to commit to someone or because you didn't want a serious relationship with them. Find a lawyer that specializes in criminal law or rape cases and put down your retainer. For more information, contact a firm like Medeiros & Associates.