What To Do When You've Never Handled Finances Before Your Divorce

Many couples find it easier for one partner to handle all of the finances. If you were not the one who handled the finances, you might not know where to start and you might be afraid of filing for divorce as a result. As a result, it might be necessary to consult with a family divorce lawyer before you take the first steps toward filing for divorce. Organize Your Financial Documents [Read More]

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help You Get Divorced Fast

While some divorces are quite complicated, sometimes two people don't have a lot to resolve during the dissolution of a marriage. If you have only been married for a short time, for example, there may not be children or assets that may complicate how divorce proceedings go. A good divorce lawyer can help you get divorced much quicker if you don't want to make legal mistakes or procedural mistakes that could hold things up. [Read More]

Is It Advisable Get A Social Security Attorney Before You Apply For Benefits?

If you'd like to apply for disability benefits, you likely have done some homework to check if you qualify. Most people use free online resources to know the set standards for disability and determine if their condition matches the set criteria. But even with the unlimited details on the internet, taking it all in can be difficult. Besides, the social security world is complex, so if you try to apply on your own, you may fail. [Read More]

Common Defenses Against Domestic Battery Charges

Domestic battery can be a vague charge. You may even wonder exactly what you should expect when you face off in court, as the definition of battery can range wildly, including a broad spectrum of events as part of your charge. Are you trying to defend yourself against domestic battery charges? These are some of the possible defenses you may use in court. The Incident Was an Accident One of the first things you might claim is that the entire incident was an accident. [Read More]