Who Should You Sue For Defective Product Injuries? Find Out

You're entitled to compensation when a defective product injures you. However, the most challenging step in finding justice in such a claim is identifying the wrongdoer. For this reason, you should seek legal guidance from a lawyer right from the onset of the case. 

Your attorney will comprehensively assess the situation to determine who is liable for your pain and suffering. The at-fault party could be the manufacturer or the seller of the product. Read more on how these parties can be liable for a product defect. 

Those Involved in the Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing companies can be found liable in such a case because they're responsible for ensuring that every product meets the required standards. Some products involve two to more manufacturers, and both are answerable for commodity errors. For example, if your car crashes because of defective tires, you can sue both the tire company and the vehicle manufacturer. That also includes designers and contractors working in liaison with these companies.

Your attorney will investigate the accident and identify all the wrongdoers to ensure that the right people are held accountable. Sometimes, the liability can fall on quality assurance specialists that failed to detect an issue in the faulty merchandise. It may also include labeling experts if they did not provide instructions and warming messages that could enable you to be more careful when using the product.

Those Who Took Part in the Sale of the Product 

Sellers can also take part of the blame for injuries resulting from using defective merchandise. In this case, you can sue the store's management even if you had borrowed the faulty merchandise from your neighbor. The law also gives you the authority to file a lawsuit against a company after sustaining injuries from merchandise that another person was using. 

Some states also allow consumers to sue owners of used items stores after sustaining injuries from their merchandise. In all these situations, it is advisable to seek guidance from a legal advisor to know whether your state's laws allow you to seek compensation for your injuries. They will also recommend the best strategy that will enable you to succeed in your case.

Anyone involved in the manufacturing and distribution of merchandise can be found guilty of the damages incurred due to a defective product. However, identifying all the culprits can be very complex. That is why you need to engage a personal injury attorney to help you investigate the accident and bring to book the at-fault parties.