What You Need To Know About Getting Alimony

When you get a divorce and do not have a way to support yourself, you can seek alimony to support yourself. This is common with stay-at-home parents to kids or homemakers. It can be more difficult to find immediate employment if there is a wide gap in a work history. Here are some things you should know about getting alimony after a divorce: What Do You Need to Provide to Court? [Read More]

How Juvenile Criminal Convictions Can Affect Your Child's Life

The effect of a criminal conviction on your child's life doesn't end after the child has served their sentence. Some consequences can follow the child for the rest of their life. Below are examples of these long-term consequences. Education A juvenile conviction can affect a child's education in several ways. First, the criminal justice process can interrupt a child's schooling if the child has to make court appearances or gets incarcerated. [Read More]

Two Key Tips For Those Preparing To File For Divorce

Despite how common divorce is, those navigating their first one still sometimes face uncertainty and confusion. When you've never personally filed for divorce in the past, it can be scary, since you don't know what to expect. You may hear stories from friends and family that make filing for divorce sound both simple and nightmarish. In fact, the truth is somewhere in the middle. It can be simple, but it can also have it's challenges. [Read More]

3 Advantages To Using A Divorce Attorney For Your Settlement

Even amid all of the emotional turmoil, one of the most difficult parts of dealing with a divorce is arriving at a fair settlement. Divorces rarely leave either party feeling particularly satisfied, so generally the best you can hope for is an equitable arrangement that splits both marital debts and assets as evenly as possible. If child custody is an issue, then finalizing the divorce settlement can be an even more fraught and emotionally taxing process. [Read More]