Divorcing A Bully: The Importance Of Legal Representation In A Difficult Divorce

It's never easy to get a divorce, but it is even harder when you are trying to deal with a difficult person. Whether you are trying to flee a domestic violence situation or your ex is simply a person who refuses to negotiate the divorce with you, a divorce lawyer makes the process easier. With an attorney in place, you have someone that can manage communication with your ex so that you don't have to communicate directly. You will know what you are entitled to from the divorce and get sound advice as to when to compromise. A divorce lawyer protects you and your best interests and will deal with a bully using reason and directness.

Know What You Are Entitled To

Chances are high that you don't know what to expect in a divorce situation. If you live in a community property state, all marital assets and debts are divided in half. In an equitable distribution state, your marital assets and debts are separated in a way that is deemed fair. While this can mean an equal split, it can also mean one party gets more of the assets while the other is responsible for more of the debt. Know what you can expect as far as property distribution when you work with a divorce lawyer.

Don't Deal With Your Ex Directly

If every conversation with your ex ends up in another fight, don't deal with your ex directly. A divorce lawyer will negotiate a property settlement and child custody agreement on your behalf. You don't have to hear the insults or the bullying any longer. When communication with your ex is nearly impossible and causes you stress, there's no need for direct communication. Give yourself a buffer and hire a divorce lawyer to take this weight off of your shoulders.

Stand Your Ground

Bullies try to win by breaking you down and getting you to agree to things simply to get them to stop bullying you. While you might be tempted to sign anything just to get the divorce over, stand your ground. A divorce attorney will be able to determine what you are entitled to and will deal with the harassment for you. Stand up to your ex to protect your long term future.

Divorcing a bully is going to take time. When you take yourself out of the direct line of communication, it is going to decrease your stress levels. Work with a divorce attorney that will be your shield when you are trying to get away from a difficult person.

For more information, contact a divorce lawyer.